Development Initiatives

Projects:  In-process

  1. Benefit provider files - To send benefit changes to the various benefits providers electronically.  Currently working on the Fidelity file.  Project Sponsor:  Human Resources - Barbara Abercrombie
  2. Enhanced Travel AuthorizationEnhancement to the TA and initial TRPO creation which will require entry on webBASIS.  This will also allow for TARGET approval on the web.  Project Sponsor:  BASIS
  3. TARGET approval via webBASIS- Finalize the remaining functions that are currently only allowed to be approved on 3270 BASIS:  PBM (Position Budget Maintenance), TA (Travel Authorization), and TRPO (Travel Related PO).  Project Sponsor: BASIS
  4. eInvoice Processing  - Uploading invoices from Razorbuy's catalog vendors toalleviate Accounts Payable staff from manually entering these invoices.  Project Sponsor:  Business Affairs - Jim Hashbarger

Projects:  Recently Completed

  1. TARGET approval via webBASIS- DIST (Distribution Change), PODT (PO line Distribution change TARGET), POHT (PO Header TARGET), POLA (PO Line Add), PA (Procurement Authorization), and UPAY (University PAYment) are now available to be approved via webBASIS.  Project Sponsor: BASIS
  2. Sam's Card- US Bank will issue a MasterCard for Sam's Club only purchases.  This will be a new eBusiness Partner.  Project Sponsor:  Business Affairs -  Jim Hashbarger
  3. PBM- Process position budget updates during the lock-down period (allowing only Other funding), during the interim period hen Agri budget cycle is open and UA closed (allowing only Other funding).  Using a series of dates to control the activity for each period.  Project Sponsor:  Financial Affairs - Jean Shook
  4. Legislative Title Codes- with the appropriation changes, HR has requested a better way to identify the legislative title code in the bill to positions within BASIS.  Adding a new field to the LEGT function representing the bill's legislative title code.  Patrick (HR) will use a numeric prefix that will define the location code for the position.   Project Sponsor:  Human Resources - Barbara Abercrombie
  5. RAVE (new RazAlert system)- several changes to accommodate the new system.  Project Sponsor:  University Relations
  6. Cell Phone Reimbursement Process - Developing a paperless process such that the employee can make a personal request for reimbursement via webBASIS, the appropriate University personnel can approve the request electronically with monthly reimbursement payments automatically made without involvement by the Accounts Payable staff.  Must have in place by July 1, 2015Project Sponsor:  Business Affairs - Mike White.
  7. AASIS Expenditure Data Files- Changes to our appropriations, require that we change the data feeds sent electronically to the state's accounting system (AASIS).  Payroll data is currently summarized by company/AASIS account code, but the vouchering information for accounts payable is managed at the invoice header.  Also, need to provide a report to Financial Affairs, summarizing employer paid benefits by company for payroll data.  Must have in place prior to June 30, 2015Project Sponsor:  Financial Affairs - Jean Shook
  8. Health Care rate changes- Employee health care rates are increasing by 19%.  Recommendations for distributing the costs:  19% increase in employee portion across the board or use a 2-tier to 6-tier salary band solution.  Must have in place prior to the July 31, 2015 payrollProject Sponsor:  Human Resources - Barbara Abercrombie
  9. Payroll Subsidiary Ledger-  Working on a big picture financial report/extract so we need the original payroll detail data (users need the individuals paid per payroll to replace the summarized GL payroll entries).  Since the Labor Distribution data in the warehouse is current, we need to create a new file that contains the original cost center information.  Project Sponsor - BASIS