What is the Difference Between using 3270 BASIS and webBASIS?

webBASIS is as the name suggests, BASIS on the web. 

webBASIS can be accessed via 2 different logins:

Employee/Affiliate Login:  Is available to all University employees via the internet.  Authentication for this access is based upon the employee's UARK ID and password.  The resulting access is retricted to that information maintained about the employee, and includes many self service facilities for maintaining that same data.  Employees can view their own personal information, and in some instances, can also update it.  An employee may also process their business travel.  If the employee has been setup as a Principal Investigator (PI) he or she will be able to view financial information related to a cost center (s) to which he or she has been designated as the PI. 

BASIS Administrator Access: This is for employees or affiliates who have a 'desk' assignment in 3270 BASIS.  This access not only allows the employee to view their personal information as well as update it, but to also view other financial and administrative information.