How to Change the Screen Colors in 3270 BASIS

When using 3270 BASIS, you have the availability of modifying the colors that are on the screen.  You can do this by following these steps:    

1.  Once you have logged into 3270 BASIS, you will have the PF6 (Prof) key available from the main screen.  See below for example:

Main Login Page

2.  Press the PF6 key (Prof) to see the following screen:
Profile Screen

If you have a network printer that you use to print reports from BASIS, you can enter the printer name in the Report Output Destination ID field.

Be sure that the last Terminal Type of 3279 is selected.

You can adjust the other colors as you would like.  Once you have selected the desired colors, press PF10 to save.  These colors can be adjusted at any time, by selecting your profile.