Setting up Profile to Receive email Notification of Rejected Transactions

The default notification for receiving notification of rejected transactions is a user notice that is displayed on the main login page when logging into 3270 BASIS.  If you are a user who is not in 3270 BASIS that often, it may be more beneficial to you to setup your user profile to receive email notifications when you have transactions rejected.  Follow the steps below:
  1. Once you have logged into 3270 BASIS from the main login screen select the PF6 (PROF) key.  The following screen is displayed:

    Profile Screen

  2. You will notice on the top right of the screen there will be a field called "Rejected Txn Notification Option".  The field will default to blank.  To receive email notifications you will populate this field with an E.
  3. Press 'enter' to validate and PF10 to save.