The BASIS Team is dedicated to providing information and training on all BASIS applications.  Below are metrics calculated for a variety of BASIS initiatives.

  1. View webBASIS usage by month graphically for:
    • the previous 12 months,
    • the past 5 years, or
    • the past 10 years (the earliest statics available are for June 2003). 
      Usage data provided is for the number of unique employees that signed in, the number of sessions (separate log ons), the number of page hits or clicks used to navigate through webBASIS during those sessions, and the number of unique services (programs or functions) utilized – demonstrating how webBASIS functionality has been continually enhanced and expanded.
  2. View TARGET (Transaction Approval and Review Gateway to Electronic Transmission - our electronic approval system) usage for:
  3. View Payroll metrics graphically for:
  4. View our 3270 Terminal Server and webBASIS Server metrics for the previous 12 months including users, sessions, and average response time by month.