How to Setup Direct Deposit for Reimbursements

Employees have the ability of setting up direct deposit for reimbursements they may receive. These reimbursements may include:  Travel Advances, Travel Reimbursements, Personal Reimbursements, and Cell Phone Reimbursements.  IMPORTANT:  If you have never received any of the above reimbursements to date, prior to following the steps below you must contact the Business Affairs Office at 575-2551 and ask to speak with the Vendor Maintenance Person.  This person MUST set you up in the vendor file before you will be able to setup the direct deposit.  Once you have been setup as a vendor you will do the following:

  1. Login to webBASIS via the Employee/Affiliate access (if you occupy an electronic desk in BASIS you can also login via the Administrator login)
  2. Select the My Pay link
  3. Select Direct Deposit Bank Accounts link
  4. You are now viewing your bank account information.  Scroll down the page until you see the following (bank information will be based on your information):

    Setting up Direct Deposit for Reimbursements

  5. At this point if you have more than one bank listed you will select the bank for which you want your reimbursement payments to be direct deposited.  Note:  If you want to add an additional bank account to your list, please click on the Help link for instructions on how to enter account information.
  6. Press the Validate button to validate your information
  7. Press the Save button to Save your information.
  8. Now, the next time you have a reimbursement that is processed, whether that be a Travel Advance, Cell Phone Reimbursement, or other type of Reimbursement, the payment will be directly deposited into your bank account.  You will also receive a system generated email regarding your payment once it has been processed.  Please note:  It may take two business days before your payment is posted to your bank account.