Change Management Enhancements to the Travel Request Process

Special Features

  1. Redesigned to now create a Travel Requisition, which upon final approval, becomes the Travel Authorization.  (Same number as the Travel Requisition)
  2. The Travel Requisition can only be created in webBASIS.  There is no 3270 screen available for entry of the Travel Requisition.
  3. The Travel Requisition may be approved from either webBASIS or 3270 BASIS.  If approving via 3270 BASIS the command will be TREQ (Travel Requisition)
  4. If the Travel Requisition is disapproved or withdrawn, the Status of the Travel Requisition goes back to an 'in-process' state which allows you to update it then resubmit it.   If you decide after it is withdrawn that you do not want to re-submit, you have the option of canceling the Travel Requisition.
  5. The Travel Requisition and associated Travel Related Requisitions may be distributed to a maximum of 10 cost centers.
  6. An email notification is sent to an Employee or Student who is traveling internationally with the information in order to register their trip with the Office of Study Abroad, along with an electronic routing to the Study Abroad office for approval of the trip PRIOR to other cost center (s) and Travel Office approval.
  7. Upon final approval of the Travel Requisition if the Traveler is an Employee,  or Student, and the trip is in the future, the Traveler will receive an email with the specifics of the trip along with estimates that have been placed on the Travel Authorization.  If a Travel Advance has been requested, that information will also be included in the email.


Overview of the Process

A Travel Requisition along with any Travel Related Requisitions are created via webBASIS and submitted for review.  The information on the Travel Requisition can include:  estimated travel expenses, a request for a Travel Advance, Administrative Travel Card estimate, and any Travel Related Requisitions associated with the trip.  (A max of 5 can be included with the Travel Requisition) although additional Travel Related Purchase Orders can be generated after the Travel Requisition has been approved and becomes the Travel Authorization.

The submitted Travel Requisition is approved or rejected by the appropriate approvers with the Travel Office being the final approver.  Upon final approval of the Travel Requisition (TREQ) the TREQ becomes the Travel Authorization (TA).  All Travel Related Requisitions will become Travel Related Purchase Orders.

Within 5 days of the trip departure a travel advance is generated for a traveler who has requested a travel advance.  If the Traveler is setup with direct deposit, the advance will be deposited in their checking/savings account.  If the Traveler does not have direct deposit, a manual check is generated and sent to the address on the Travel Authorization.  If a manual check must be printed and there is not sufficient time to mail the check to the address, the check is printed and 'held' for pickup in the Treasurer's Office.

Supplements to Travel Authorizations (screen layout has been modified) and/or Travel Related Purchase Orders are accomplished using the existing processes within 3270 BASIS although approvals of these transactions will now be able to be performed in webBASIS as well as 3270 BASIS.