How to Guide for Creating a Blanket Travel Requisition

A blanket Travel Requisition may be created in those instances where you have a traveler who does a tremendous amount of travel within the State of Arkansas for a specific cost center (s) distribution.  The Out of State Blanket is only allowable for the Athletic Dept.  Please Note:  There are NO Travel Advances allowable on a Blanket and NO Travel Related Requisitions allowable on a Blanket.

There are two options for creating Blanket Travel Requisitions: 

  • Instate Blanket Travel Requisition
  • Out of State Blanket Travel Requisition (This option is only available for Athletics)

To create a Blanket Travel Requisition, you will follow the following steps:

  1. From you will then login to webBASIS via the Administrator Login using your ADMIN ID and ADMIN password.
  2. Select the Administrator Menu link
  3. Select the Purchasing Menu link
  4. Select  the Travel Requisitions link
  5. The following screen is presented which displays four (4) search options for viewing existing Travel Requisitions:

    Add Travel Requisition Link

  6. Select the 'Add a Travel Requisition' link
  7. You are now presented with the following screen:

    Screen 1 of Adding a Travel Requisition

  8. At this point you will select the type of blanket you are requesting.  Remember:  Unless you are Athletics, you are only authorized to select the In state blanket.
  9. In the Date of Departure you will enter the beginning date of the blanket, and in the Date of Return you will enter the ending date of the blanket.  Unless you are creating  a blanket where a grant cost center is being used, you can enter a date of 12/31/2099.
  10. You will also notice that once you have selected that you are creating a blanket, the Destination field will be populated with the type of blanket you requested.  For example:  If you selected 'in state blanket, that is what you will see in the description field.  (This field is modifiable, if you would like to change it)
  11. Press the 'Continue' button and you are now presented with the following screen:

    Travel Req blanket
    Travel Req blanket
  12. Enter your BU in the Budgetary Unit field.
  13. The Dept Rep ID will default to your ID, but this field is modifiable.
  14. Type your phone number in the Phone# field.
  15. In the Type field, select the appropriate traveler type:  Employee, Student, or U of A Board Member
  16. Select the Vendor #, Name # and Address #
  17. If the Traveler is not in the vendor file, you will select the "Propose New Vendor Data" link.  If proposing a vendor who is an employee, once you have selected the link you will then select the "Click Here to Create a New Vendor for an Employee" link.
  18. In the Trip Detail Section type the Date Blanket Begins and the Date Blanket Ends.
  19. The Destination will default to the type of blanket, but this field is modifiable.
  20. In the Anticipated Reimbursable Expenses Section, the Miscellaneous Description defaults to the type of blanket.  This field is modifiable.
  21. In the Miscellaneous Amount field you will enter the dollar amount you want to encumber. This can be as little as 1.00.
  22. In the TA Maximum field, the system will default 10% of the amount you put in the Miscellaneous Amount, but you can type over this with a specific amount.  For example:  If you only want to encumber 1.00 you will put that in the Miscellaneous Amount field, and if you want to not have to supplement until it reaches 5,000 dollars, you can enter the amount of 5000 in the TA Maximum field.
  23. In the Cost Center Distribution Section, the system defaults to entry of 1 cost center, but you have the option of modifying the number to a maximum of 10 cost centers by modifying the 1 to up to 10.
  24. Type the appropriate Category you wish to use for accounting in the Category field.
  25. IMPORTANT:  The cost center distribution on a blanket, MUST be by percentage and the percentage MUST equal 100.
  26. Press the 'Validate' button.  Once you press the 'Validate' button, you will then have both the Save and the Save/Submit button available.  If you have no further modifications to make and are ready to submit the TREQ for approval, press the Save/Submit button.  If you may require further changes prior to submitting, then press the 'Save' button.   By pressing 'Save' you will have to go back and locate the TREQ then press the Save/Submit button in order to submit for approval.