Creating a Travel Claim using webBASIS

Once a traveler returns from a trip a Travel Claim is processed in order to reimburse the traveler for expenses incurred for which they paid for and want to be reimbursed.  The Travel Claim can be created by either utilizing the 3270 version of BASIS or by utilizing webBASIS.  Please Note:  If you are in a situation where the address on the original Travel Authorization is NOT the address for which you want to process the Travel Claim and resulting payment, then you MUST use 3270 BASIS to process the Travel Claim, as the webBASIS version does not allow a change to be made to the address.

Below is a Step by Step Guide:

  1. Once you have logged into webBASIS from the Administrator log in, you will then select the Administrator Menu.
  2. Now select the Purchasing Menu
  3. Now select the Purchase Orders  link.  (Remember a TA number is actually a Purchase Order)  The following help list will be displayed:

    PO Help List for Locating Purchase Orders

  4. At this point you will select the search that is most appropriate for how you want to locate your Travel Authorization Number.  For example, if you already know the number, you can use the last search with searches by PO #.
  5. Once you have selected the appropriate search, press the "New Search"  button and a list of Purchase Orders will be displayed, with your Purchase Order listed first.  See example below:

    List of Purchase Orders
  6. At this point you will select the appropriate PO Number.  You will then be viewing the Travel Authorization.  You will scroll down to the page until you see the link labeled "Add a Travel Claim".
  7. Select this link and the travel claim will be displayed.  Below is an example:

    Travel Claim Example

  8. Notice that the system will display 2 legs of the trip, but the number of legs is modifiable up to 20 legs if needed.  Select the appropriate amount of legs for your trip.  Note:  If you select more than 2 legs you will see red errors on the screen, but these errors will go away once you have entered your information and pressed the 'validate' key upon completion of all of your entries.
  9. You will fill out all appropriate fields.
  10. Once you have entered all appropriate information, you will select the 'Validate' key.
  11. If your traveler has incurred Traveler TCard charges, you will be asked to select the 'Manage Traveler TCard Charge Associations' to see if any of the uploaded charges relate to the trip you are processing.  This is a very important step as every charge they place on their Traveler TCard uploads to the system as a receivable against them and can only be offset by the selection of the charge to a Travel Claim.  Below is an example of the window that will be displayed when you select the link:

    Example of Traveler TCard charges

  12. If any of the charges do relate to the trip you will select them in order to include those charges on your travel claim. (Notice on the example above that some of the charges have been selected to place on this claim.   Important:  If a traveler used their traveler TCard AND the expense on their TCard is a justifiable expense to claim reimbursement for, you MUST include that cost on the travel claim.  For example:  If the there is a charge on their Traveler TCard for Lodging in the amount of $408.16 and in looking at the receipt they provided, the entire charge was for room and tax you would place that amount in the Lodging field of the Travel ClaimNow on the other hand:   if the receipt showed $400 for the room and tax and $8.16 for a movie (movies are not allowable to be reimbursed) you would put the $400 in the Lodging field and you would not reimburse for the $8.16 so you would not show that amount on the claim in any of the reimbursable fields.   Once you have identified the charges that are to be placed on the claim you will select the "Use These" button.  Below is an example of what the Travel Claim will look like once you have selected filled out the claim and selected the Traveler TCard charges, if applicable.  Notice the 'R' next to some of the fields.  This is letting you know that a receipt is required for this charge.

    Example of Travel Claim

  13.  At this point you will press the 'Save' button to proceed to the next step.  Once you save the Travel Claim you will receive a message at the top of the page which will identify what the claim number will be along with the message: Press the View to Print/Submit button below if you are ready to proceed to the next step in processing this claim.
  14. Scroll down the page and press the 'View to Print/Submit'   button.
  15. You will now see the following links at the top left of the page:

    Print link for printing the Travel Claim
  16. You will now select the Print Version for Signing link.  A separate window will be displayed which displays the Travel Claim, but also includes a cover sheet and a signature line for the traveler to sign the Travel Claim.  Print the claim then scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the Close Window link.  You will now be back at the initial page with the Print Version for Signing link.
  17. At this point, if you feel that the Travel Claim is correct you can go ahead and press the Submit button to submit the Travel Claim for electronic approval.  If you are unsure though of whether or not the Travel Claim is correct DO NOT submit until the traveler has reviewed the Travel Claim.  You can then go back in and submit the claim.
  18. You will have the traveler sign the Travel Claim, attach all required receipts and send to the Travel Office for processing.