How to Add a Travel Related Requisition (TRRQ) to a Travel Requisition (TREQ)

  1. Once you have created and saved the Travel Requisition (TREQ) you will go back to the Travel Requisition link at the top of the page: See below:

  2. Once you have selected the Travel Requisitions you will be taken back to the main page.  At this point you are looking for travel requisitions (TREQS) you have created that have an 'In Process' Status.  The system will default to the first search criteria for viewing 'In Process' TREQs.  If you do not see your TREQ listed, press the 'New Search' button at the bottom of the page to refresh the page.  See below for a list example:
    Adding a Travel Related Requisition
  3. Your TREQ should be the first on the list.  At this point select the Action to Perform of Travel Related Requisition:

    Action to Perform for Creating a Travel Related Requisition
  4. Now select the TREQ number and you will see the following:

    Screen 1 of Adding a Travel Related Requisition
  5. You will notice that there is information related to the traveler and the event.  You now have a link that says: "Add a Travel Related Requisition".  Select this link and you will now see the following:
    Travel Related Requisition Screen
    Travel Related Requisition Screen
  6. At this point you will fill in all appropriate information:  vendor data, Item description, Amount, any special handling, and the cost center information.  One cost center field is defaulted but you can split the TRRQ to a maximum of 10 cost centers.
  7. Once you have completed the information, press 'Validate' then 'Save'.
  8. You are now ready to locate the Travel Requisition (TREQ) to submit the entire TREQ for electronic approval.
  9. Go back to your breadcrumbs at the top of the page and select 'Travel Requisitions'
  10. You should see your Travel Requisition listed first on the list that will be displayed.
  11. In the Actions to Perform (upper left corner) select 'Travel Requisitions'
  12. Now select your TREQ number from the list
  13. You are now viewing the TREQ along with the travel related requisitions that are included.  You will scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see the TRRQs listed.  Note:  You can actually select the TRRQ number and view the TRRQ you had created if you want to view it one last time. 
  14. At the bottom of the page you will select the 'Validate' button. See below for an example:

    Submission of TREQ
  15. You will now scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the 'Save and Submit' button if you are ready to submit this TREQ and associated TRRQs for electronic approval.  If you not yet ready to submit for approval, you will select the 'Save' button.  This will allow you then to update and add additional information prior to submitting for electronic approval.  See below for an example:

    Submission of TREQ