How to Create a Travel Requisition for Group Travel

In order to process a group travel through the Travel Office, the event for which the group is participating in, must occur away from their ‘official station’, which in most cases will be Fayetteville, AR.

 In accordance with ACA 19-4-904 (d) state supported institutions of higher education may provide travel expenses for a group or number of students who, when accompanied by those who instruct the students in the fundamentals of a competitive sport and direct team strategy, must travel and be recognized as a cohesive unit representing not only their institution, but exemplifying the State of Arkansas in their behavior, attitudes, interests, presentation and conduct.

 Group Travel may also include a number of guests along with a university employee traveling together for a particular event or circumstance. In these circumstances the payment of group travel expenses, including those of students and employees, may be authorized.

 Some examples of group travel functions:

  •  Study Abroad
  • Intramural sports
  • Archeological digs

 Please Note: If any groups are traveling within their ‘official station’ these requests will still be processed through Financial Affairs.

 IMPORTANT: This is NOT for a group of employees all going to the same function.

Complete the following steps to create a Travel Requisitioin for Group Travel:

  1. From you will then login to webBASIS via the Administrator Login using your ADMIN ID and ADMIN password.
  2. Select the Administrator Menu link
  3. Select the Purchasing Menu link
  4. Select  the Travel Requisitions link
  5. The following screen is presented which displays four (4) search options for viewing existing Travel Requisitions:

      Add Travel Requisition Link

  6. Select the 'Add a Travel Requisition' link
  7. You are now presented with the following screen:

    Screen 1 of Adding a Travel Requisition

  8. At this point you will select:

    Group Travel

  9. Once you have selected the appropriate Travel Requisition Type you will populate the Date of Departure, Date of Return, Destination, and mode of Transportation.
  10. Press the 'Continue' button to go to the next screen.

Group Travel

Once you have completed the first screen, and pressed 'continue' you will do the following:

  1.  The BU field will default to the LAST BU searched for on the web, so ALWAYS take note of this and modify as appropriate.
  2. The User ID defaults to the User ID of the person who is logged in, but this field is modifiable.
  3. The Phone # is the phone number for whomever is processing this Travel Requisition and who the Travel Office can notify if there are questions regarding this request.
  4. The system recognizes that this is a Group Trip so it is specified
  5. You will activate the Vendor Search by selecting the Vendor# link.  This will open a search window.  See example below:

    Vendor Search

  6. In most instances you will type in the last name of the person you are searching for separated by a ; (semi-colon).  Once you have typed in your information you will select the 'New Search' button and a list of vendors will be displayed.  If your vendor is displayed you will select the vendor and the vendor number will be displayed in the field.  The next step will be to select the Name# link to locate the Name, and the final step will be to select the Vendor Addr# link in order to locate the correct address to use.  (If your vendor is not displayed and therefore not in the UPS vendor file, your next step will be to 'propose' the vendor.  Those steps can be found at Proposing a Vendor.
  7. Once you have your vendor information displayed either by selecting the vendor information or by proposing the information you will then enter the Event Begin Date and Event End Date.
  8. The Date of Departure and Date of Return are defaulted based on the information you entered on Screen 1.  These fields are modifiable, but remember; if you modify the dates, the pre-defined number of Meal Days and Lodging Days may also require modification.
  9. The Destination is pre-defined based on the information entered on Screen 1.  This field is modifiable, but remember; if you modify the destination the pre-defined daily per diem rate for meals and lodging may require modification.
  10. Now enter the Trip Purpose.  If you require additional space you have a text box labeled Explanation/Justification at the bottom of the page.
  11. You will select from the following as to the purpose: Conference/Convention , Education/Training , or Official Business.
  12. If the lodging cost will exceed the federal per diem rate displayed, you will select a Special Lodging Authorization Code
  13. If there is additional mileage related to the trip, for example mileage to the airport, you can enter the miles in the Miles field.
  14. The system will default the number of days and per diem rates associated with the destination.  If you selected a Special Lodging Code to exceed the Lodging per diem rate, you can now type over the rate displayed with the rate you will be incurring.
  15. At least one cost center that will used to pay for trip is required entry, but by changing the Number desired (which defaults to 1) you have the ability of distributing to a maximum of 10 cost centers by changing the number from 1 to as many as 10.
  16. You will either type in the appropriate Category associated with the cost center, or select the Category link to search the available categories for a cost center.
  17. In most instances you will be distributing the cost by percentage.  If only using one cost center, the percentage would be 100%
  18. You would use the $Limit column ONLY if you which to limit the costs on a TREQ that is setup for multiple cost center distribution.  Remember:  If you choose this method, the last cost center on the list gets the remainder of the expense.  DO NOT use this method if you only have one cost center, or if the cost centers listed should be distributed by
  19. The Explanation/Justification field is a 2500 character field that allows you to provide additional information regarding the trip.  You can never include too much information so please use this field to provide additional information regarding the trip.
  20. If the Administrative Travel Card is being used to purchase airfare, registration, etc. you will enter the estimated dollar amount of the proposed expenses as they relate to this trip in the Administrative Travel Card Maximum field.
    Remember:  If you enter an amount in this field, you are saying that the ADMN TCard is being used for a portion of the expenses and therefore those expenses ARE NOT shown as estimated reimburseables.  For example:  If airfare is purchased on the ADMN TCard then you will not enter an airfare amount in the Out of Pocket Airfare field.
  21. IF YOU WANT TO REQUEST A TRAVEL ADVANCE, once you press the 'Validate' button, the Request for a Travel Advance field will be displayed along with the maximum amount allowable for the travel advance.
  22. Enter the dollar amount of the requested advance.  If the traveler is setup to receive direct deposit, then the advance will be sent as an ACH to their bank account UNLESS they have not signed the one time travel advance agreement.

    IMPORTANT:  You now have a choice:  If you want to continue to work on this travel requisition (TREQ) and are not ready to actually submit the TREQ for electronic approval, you will press the 'Save' button.  If you have no additional information to provide and have no travel related requisitions to include with the TREQ, then you can press the 'Save/Submit' button to submit via TARGET for electronic approval.