How to Create a Travel Requisition for a Guest who will have NO Reimbursable Expenses

There will be instances where you will be processing a travel requisition for a guest of the University.  Example:  bringing a candidate in for a job interview, a speaker, etc.

Many times all of the expenses associated with the trip will be paid for with an ADMN TCard (airfare, car rental), and/or a travel related purchase order for the hotel, and guest meals.

If the guest will not incur any expenses for which they will be reimbursed for, then this is the process to use.  By using this Travel Req Type you will not be required to provide an SSN for the traveler, if you have to propose the vendor. 

IMPORTANT:  If the guest is going to be reimbursed for travel expenses you would NOT use this process.  You would use the Travel Req Type of:  Regular (one person taking a trip)

  1. Select the Travel Req Type:  'Guest of the University who will have no Reimbursable Expenses'
  2. Enter the Date of Departure and the Date of Return
  3. Select the Destination link in order to locate the destination city
  4. Select the Transportation Type that is applicable for the trip
  5. Select the 'Continue' button
  6. Enter your BU in the Budgetary Unit field
  7. The Dept Rep ID will default to your ID, but this field is modifiable.
  8. Type your phone number in the Phone# field
  9. You will now search to see if your traveler is in the vendor file.  If the traveler is listed, you will then select the Vendor Name # and Vendor Address #
  10. If the traveler is not in the vendor file, you will select the Propose New Vendor Data link to propose the vendor information.  REMEMBER:  You will not be required to enter an SSN since there re no reimbursable expenses to be claimed.
  11. Enter the Event Begin Date and Event Ending Date
  12. Enter the Trip Purpose
  13. Select the appropriate purpose description:  Conference, Education and Training, Official Business
  14. Enter the cost center information.  The system defaults to one cost center field, but is modifiable up to 10
  15. Enter the Category
  16. Enter the % or $ Amt if more than one cost center has been entered and the cost is being distributed by $ amount instead of percentage.
  17. In the Administrative Travel Card Maximum enter the dollar amount that is estimated to be spent using the ADMN TCard for the trip.
  18. Press 'Validate'.
  19. If you are finished with the Travel Requisition at this point and will not be including any travel related requisitions OR making any other modifications, at this point you can press the 'Save/Submit 'button to submit this Travel Requisition for electronic approval.
  20. If you need to create a travel related requisition to associated with this travel requisition you will press the 'Save' button, then follow the directions for creating the travel related requisition.