Processing Travel

IMPORTANT NEWSEnhancements to the Travel Authorization process will be effective July 25, 2016.  If you have Travel Authorizations in TARGET they must be approved prior to July 25th, otherwise the transaction will become invalid on July 25th and will have to be re-entered using the new Travel Requisition process.  Refer to the Change Management Guidelines below for the list of enhancements that will take place.


Below are instructions for processing Travel Requisitions (which upon final approval result in a Travel Authorization)  and for processing the Travel Claim for an individual who travels for the University.  


Change Management Guidelines Outlining Enhancements in the Travel Process

How to Process a Travel Requisition (TREQ) - Regular (one person taking a single trip)

How to Process a Travel Requisition (TREQ) - Blanket

How to Process a Travel Requisition (TREQ) - Guest of University who will have no Reimbursable Expenses

How to Process a Travel Requisition (TREQ) - Group Travel

How to Copy a Travel Requisition

How to Add a Travel Related Requisition (TRRQ) to a Travel Requisition (TREQ)

Updating a Travel Authorization

FAQs for Processing Travel


How to Create a Travel Claim for an Individual using webBASIS