Updating a Travel Authorization

Once a Travel Requisition has been approved, it becomes the Travel Authorization (TA).  Periodically you may need to update a Travel Authorization in order to do the following:

  • Update the Travel Dates
  • Increase the TCard Maximum
  • Increase/Decrease estimated reimbursable amounts
  • Add a comment
  • Update the Purpose
  • Add/Remove a Travel Advance
  • Update the method of transportation

Please Note:  If you want to update the cost center information you will utilize the PODT function in BASIS.

Below is a step by step guide to updating the TA, which must be done in 3270 BASIS:

  1. While in 3270 BASIS type TA in the Command field with an Action of a U (Update) and tab to the TA field and type the TA number and press 'enter'.  The following screen is available (The TA is 3 screens):

    Screen 1:

    Screen 1 of Travel Authorization

    Screen 2:

    Screen 2 of Travel Authorization

    Screen 3:

    Screen 3 of Travel Authorization

  2. To view any extended text that is associated with the TA you will press the PF9 (Why?) while on any screen.
  3. To view the vendor address information, press the PF12 (VInfo) while on Screen 1.
  4. To view any TRPOs that are associated with this TA press the PF12 (TRPOs) while on Screen 3.
  5. Once you have modified the fields for which you want to modify, press 'enter' to validate and then PF10 to save/submit the TA for TARGET approval.