How to Copy a Travel Requisition

There will be times when you may have multiple staff attending the same conference or event.  Since they each are required to have their own Travel Authorization, the Copy feature allows you to copy a Travel Requisition, and change only the information you want to change.  Below is guide to using the Copy feature:

  1. Once you have created the Travel Requisition and either pressed Save or Save/Submit, you can then locate the Travel Requisition and copy it.
  2. Go back to your list to locate the Travel Requisition you want to copy.
  3. Once you have located your Travel Requisition, select it and then scroll down the page.
  4. You will see the following buttons available if the Travel Requisition you are copying is still in an 'in process' state:

    Copy Button
  5. If the Travel Requisition you are copying is in a 'submitted' state, you will See the Copy and Withdraw button.
  6. If the Travel Requisition you are copying has already been approved you will only see the Copy button.
  7. Press the Copy button and you will see the following:

    Copy Screen Layout
  8. You will notice a message at the top of the page that says " Entry values other than Vendor have been copied; you are now adding a new Travel Requisition'.
  9. At this point you will select the appropriate vendor or propose a new vendor, if not in the vendor file.
  10. Modify any other information as applicable.
  11. Press 'Validate'
  12. Now press 'Save/Submit' if you are ready to submit for electronic approval.