How to Request a Recurring Cell Phone Reimbursement

Per the University of Arkansas Cellular Communication Policy, if you are eligible to receive a cell phone reimbursement on a monthly basis, you will do so by requesting a Personal Reimbursement via webBASIS.  Below is a Step by Step Guide for requesting a recurring monthly reimbursement.

  1. Login to webBASIS via the Employee/Affiliate login, using your UARK ID and UARK Password.  (If you have an electronic desk in BASIS you can also login via the Administrator login)
  2. Once logged  in you will select the link entitled:  My Personal Reimbursements:

    Main Menu webBASIS Employee

  3. Once you select My Personal Reimbursements, you will be presented with the following screen:

    Reimbursement Request for Recurring Cell Reimbursement

  4. The system will default to a Reimbursement Type of CELL (which is a recurring monthly cell phone payment).  If you have never created a recurring cell phone reimbursement request, you will also have the message:  "No Personal Reimbursements exist for Reimbursement Type of CELL".
  5. Select the link:  Enter a Recurring Cell phone expense Reimbursement Request and the following screen will be displayed:

    Reimbursement Request for Recurring Cell Reimbursement

  6. IMPORTANT:  The address that is displayed on this screen is the address for which the reimbursement payment will be mailed IF you have not setup direct deposit for reimbursements.  See How to Setup Direct Deposit for further information.  If you are not using direct deposit, the address shown should be your campus address UNLESS you are located off campus which in that case you should use your home address.
  7. You will be required to select the box that you have read the Cellular Communication Policy.
  8. If you have not been setup for direct deposit, the address that is displayed on the screen will be the address your reimbursement payment will be sent.  UNLESS you are located off-campus, you should have your campus address displayed.  If your home address is shown and you are NOT going to receive direct deposit, you should go to the Address's link and update your campus address with a building name and number, then return to the My Personal Reimbursements page to complete your request.
  9. You will enter your cell phone number in the Cell# field.
  10. In the Begin Date you will select the link and select the beginning day of the month you are requesting reimbursement for.  For exampleIf your recurring cell phone reimbursement should start July 1, 2015, you will select this date.
  11. The End Date should reflect the ending date of the recurring reimbursement.  For example:  If this reimbursement is for the entire fiscal year, you would enter the date of June 30, 2016.  Remember:  These recurring reimbursements must be renewed each fiscal year.
  12. You will enter the monthly amount to be reimbursed in the Monthly Amount field.
  13. If you have supporting documentation Example:  Your current cellular phone bill, you will select the 'Upload an Attachment Supporting your Request" link.  IMPORTANT:  This document becomes public information, so if there is any private or confidential information on this bill it must be redacted by you prior to uploading the document.
  14. The following screen is displayed:

    Staged Reimbursement Attachment Screen

  15. At this point you will select the Browse button to find where you have scanned your supporting documentation.   Please Note:  If your file is too large you will receive a message.  In order to then load it, you may have to scan each page separately and then upload each page.  You have the ability of uploading a maximum of five (5) images per request.
  16. Once you have selected your image (s) press the Upload button.
  17. Select the Close Window link to close the window.
  18. A justification of why you are requesting a recurring cell phone reimbursement is required to be entered in the Justification box.
  19. Press the Validate button.
  20. Press the Save button to submit your reimbursement request for electronic approval.  This request will route electronically to the cell phone administrator designated within your budgetary unit.  This individual will also assign the cost center (s) that will pay for this recurring reimbursement request.
  21. Your reimbursement will be processed the last day of each month with disbursement the first working day of the next month.


  • You may only back date a recurring cell phone reimbursement 31 days.
  • Any payment due the employee for a back dated request will be disbursed on the first working day of the month following current month. For example:  If you back dated your request to begin July 1, 2015 (and today is August 1, 2015) then you will receive your payment for July and August on the first working day in September.
  • Only appointed employees are eligible to request a cell phone reimbursement.
  • A recurring cell phone request may not cross the fiscal year and must be renewed yearly.
  • The system will prorate your reimbursement based on the beginning and ending dated entered.
  • If you end employment, transfer to a different budgetary unit, or change positions, your request will end as of the date your position record changes.  You will receive an email notification if this happens.  If you are going to be allowed to continue receiving a reimbursement, you must enter a new reimbursement request.