Using Departmental Asset Classifications

DAC (Departmental Asset Classification) allows users to define asset classifications to use for their own purposes of aggregating, sorting, or selecting their assets.  Once the departmental asset classifications have been defined for your BU, go to DAI to add the asset classifications to your assets.  Below is a Step by Step guide in how to create Departmental Asset Classifications:


  1. While in the AIMS Application, type DAC in the Command field with an Action of A (Add) and press 'enter'.
  2. Enter your BU in the BU field and in the Dept Asset Class field type the classification you want.  For example:  Monitors, Laptops, Scanner, etc.  and press 'enter'. 
  3. Now enter a  description of the classification you have created.
  4. There are several lists that can be utilized to view these asset classes:
    • LDCC (List Departmental Asset Classes) lists asset classes for a BU.  lists asset classes for a BU.  Below is an example of the screen:

      LDCC List
    • LDCD (List Departmental Asset Classes by Desc.  lists asset classes for a BU by the asset class description.  Below is an example:

 LDCD List


    • LBUD (List assets for BU, Status & Dept class) lists assets in a specified status for a BU and asset class on or after acquired date.  Below is an example:

      LBUD List