How to Utilize Departmental Information Codes

Departmental information codes and values are valuable tools to record information about your capital and departmental assets.  For example, if you would like to be able to identify all assets for for which a PCard was used to make the purchase, you could have Property Accounting establish a code identifying this.  By pressing the PF1 key while your cursor is in the Information Code field, you will receive a list of the Information Codes currently available.  Up to 32 Information Codes could be utilized for an asset.

  • Although Property Accounting is the only area that can actually add the code, if you have identified a code that you would like to have added to the list, simply give them a call and they will add it for you.
  • departmental code identifies a specific data item stored in an associated value field, i.e.: OS (operating system), MEM (memory), or DLS (date last serviced)
  • data value for an associated departmental information code - this is the actual information being retained while the code identifies the type of information. Dates are stored as YYYYMMDD, a numeric is stored with leading zeroes up to its maximum field size, and character data is stored in all upper case.
  • displays the value-data type, the maximum length of the value-data type, minimum and maximum values for the value-data types, and discrete values, if any.
  • LDIC (List Dept Information Codes by code) lists departmental information codes
  • LBUI (List assets for BU, Status & Info code) lists assets in a specified status for a BU and departmental information code starting with an optional departmental information value

Below is an example of how a Departmental Information Code was used on an asset when creating the asset from the DAI function:

Information Codes

If you consistently use these codes when setting up your assets you will then have the ability of using the LBUI list to list all of the assets for a specific Information Code.  See below the list that is displayed for the Information Code of PCAR for the BU of BASI:

List by Information Code