How to Dispose of a Departmental Asset

DOA (Disposal of Asset) allows users to dispose of departmental assets.  You will dispose of departmental assets that were replaced by warranty or trade-in.  If you want to surplus departmental assets, you will follow the instructions for surplusing.  Below is a Step by Step guide:

  1. From the AIMS application; type DOA in the Command field with an Action of a U (Update) and press 'enter'
  2. You will be asked to enter the Tag No in the Control/Tag No field.  Press 'enter'.
  3. You will be required to enter a description as to why you are disposing of the departmental asset.
  4. Press 'enter' to validate and PF10 to save.


Security by value restrictions are in place.  User must be authorized for the Asset BU before a departmental asset may be disposed of.



 LDAD List Disposed of Assets for Disp. Code lists assets for a specified disposition code and capital code on or after disposed of date. 
 LDBU  List Disposed of assets for BU lists disposed of assets for a BU