Locating Assets by Using webBASIS or 3270 BASIS

Control number vs. Tag number

Control No is a unique system generated identifier for each asset. This number stays with the asset throughout its life.
Tag No is the official number assigned by Property Accounting. Once an asset is tagged, this number is the primary identifier of an asset.


When entering a tag number in the Control No field, you must prefix the it with a T.



How to Find Assets in webBASIS

  1. Login to webBASIS via the Administrator login
  2. Select the Administrator Menu
  3. Select the Assets link
  4. You will now have the option of locating your assets using one of the various search facilities listed.
  5. Once you have located your assets you can select the Tag No and view the asset.


How to Find Assets using 3270 BASIS


There are several asset statuses in AIMS: AI (Active Inventoried), AU (Active Untagged), AN (Active but Not inventoried), and AQ (Active Queued for surplus).  The asset capital code is either C (Capital) or N (Non-capital or departmental asset).  If you enter a date (date acquired), the list will start with assets acquired on or after the date specified.


Viewing Asset Information


A (Asset) displays all the information about an asset. 


The first screen displays all of the primary information about the asset.  The asset’s description is located to the right of the control number in the body of the screen.  The physical location and responsible employee are displayed.  The extended text can be accessed by pressing PF9 (EText).  The asset cost distribution can be accessed by pressing PF10 (CDst).


The second screen displays audit information such as how and when the asset’s last location was verified.  Information relating to the disposition of an asset is displayed, if appropriate.


The third screen displays departmental information.  If any information was entered related to either capital and non-capital assets, it is displayed.


The fourth screen displays all the audit log information. This screen is primarily used by Property Accounting.



Several lists are available to find assets using  3270 BASIS:



LABU          List Assets for BU, Status, Capital & Date lists capital or departmental assets for a specified satus for an optional BU on or after acquisition date.  
LASR List Assets for a Status and Room lists assets for a specified status (Active or Disposed) for a room tag number for optional capital code and on or after acquisition date.
LARE List Assets for a Responsible Employee lists active assets for an employee id acquired on or after an optional date
LAR List Assets for Room lists the assets for a room tag number
LALH List Asset Location History lists the location history for an asset