Guide to using AIMS for Inventory Tracking and Surplus

This application is where you will track, report, and surplus equipment.  The Asset Inventory Management System (AIMS) combines the following areas into one integrated system:
Property Inventory – Tracking and reporting (including depreciation) of all University owned capital equipment.  Annual physical inventories of all University owned capital equipment.

Departments – AIMS provides departmental users with the capability to create and maintain records for their non-capital assets and to maintain their own information for capital assets.  Non-capital assets are equipment where the unit cost is less than the capitalization threshold of $2, 500. 

Surplus – The state sanctioned means of disposing of items (capital and non-capital) that are no longer needed.  AIMS provides for a process for identifying items to surplus, approval by management of items to be disposed, items picked up and moved to the Surplus Warehouse, and items auctioned to the public.


How to enter Departmental (non-capital) Assets
How you can use Departmental Information Codes to Record and Track Information on your Assets
How you can use Asset Classes to Classify your Assets for easy Tracking
How to use the Copy Action in order to Copy information for another Asset being Added
How to Dispose of a Departmental Asset
How to Update Asset Information:  Transfers, Changing Responsible Employee, Modifying Location
How to Mass Change the Responsible Employee
Locating Assets by using webBASIS or 3270 BASIS
How to Run a Report of Assets for your BU
How to Surplus both Inventoried and Non-Inventoried Items