How to Mass Change the Responsible Employee

This process allows a designated contact within the BU the security access to process a Mass Change of the Responsible Employee.  This is only done in situations where an employee who was responsible for  many assets has left the BU and the items must be moved to another employee.  This function allows this to be done without having to update each asset one at a time.  This function ONLY changes the Responsible Employee for a specified BU. 

  1. From the AIMS application; type MCRE (Mass Change of Responsible Employee) in the Command field with an Action of U (Update) and press 'Enter'.
  2. In the BU field you will type your BU or press PF1 to activate the BU help.
  3. In the Responsible Employee field you will either type the employee's ID for which you want to move the assets from, or activate the help by pressing PF1 while in this field.  The following screen will be displayed:

    Mass Change Responsible Employee

  4. At this point you will press the PF1 key in the New Responsible Emp ID field to locate the employee for whom you want to move the assets to.  Once the New Responsible Emp ID is in the field, press 'enter' to validate and PF10 to Save.

IMPORTANT:  This does  not result in a TARGET Transaction and the assets will immediately be switched to the new responsible employee.  Only individuals within a BU who have been granted this function will have the ability of making this change.