How to Print a Report of your Assets

Departments have the ability of printing a report of their assets or of uploading a text file to excel of their assets.  Below are instructions for both:


Running a printed report:

Once in the AIMS application type JOBS in the Command Field with an Action of ‘S’ (Submit) and press ‘enter’.  The system will prompt you to type a Report Name in the Job field.  You can press PF1 to access a list of jobs or you can type in: AIJARBU and press ‘enter’.  The following screen will be available:

Screen for Submitting JOB for Asset Report

  1. In the Budgetary Unit Cd field type your BU, or press PF1 to select the BU you want to print the report for.
  2. In the Capital Equipment Code field type a C, N, or B depending on what you want to list on your report.
  3. In the Sort By field type a T or an L depending on how you want to report to be sorted.
  4. In the Output option field type an R (Report Only)
  5. In the Report output destination ID: make sure you have your networked printer name displayed.  If not, press PF1 to access a list of printers, or type the printer name in the field. 
  6. Below is an example of what your screen should look like.  (This example is using the BU of BASI)

    Completed Screen for Asset Report

    Press PF10 to submit the job to your network printer.