Updating Asset Information

ssets may be transferred from one BU to another BU, they may be moved from one employee to another, and/or the location may change.  These processes may be performed  either by using webBASIS or 3270 BASIS.  Below are Step by Step Processes for both.

Process when using webBASIS:

  1. Login to webBASIS via the Administrator log in.  Once logged in select the Administrator Menu
  2. Now select the Assets link
  3. The following screen will be available:

    Search Box for locating Assets

  4. At this point you will select the search you want to use to locate the asset that you want to update  For example if you have the asset tag number for the item you want to transfer you can use the last search.  Simply type in the tag number and press the 'New Search' button.  Your item will be listed first in the list.  Notice now the top left of the page and you will see the following Actions to Perform:

    Actions to Perform

  5. At this point select the last Action to perform of Change Asset Location, BU, and/or Employee and now select the Tag Number.  You will now see the following screen:

    Updating the Asset

  6. At this point you will change the information you want to change.  Please Note:  If you are moving an asset from one employee to another, the employee you are moving the asset to will receive an email that the asset is being transferred to them.  If you are moving the asset from one BU to an other, the department heads of both BUs will electronically approve the transaction. 
  7. Press 'Validate' then 'Save' to route the transaction for electronic approval.

Process when using 3270 BASIS:

  1. While in the AIMS Application  type ABRL (Asset BU, Responsible Emp and Location) in the Command field with an Action of U (Update); and the Tag Number entered in the Tag No field and press 'Enter'.  The following screen is available:

    ABRL Screen

  2. At this point you will change the information needed.   Please Note:  The PF1 (Help) key may be selected while in a field in order to activate a search facility for locating a Responsible Employee Number or a Room Tag number, or a BU.  Once you have modified your information, press 'Enter' to validate and PF10 to Save and submit the transaction for approval.