Locating Financial Information

The Departmental Accounting, Reporting, and Tracking System (DART) is designed to be responsive to the day-to-day needs of the University community, providing departmental users with tools for effective planning and financial control.  Campus departments have the ability to aggregate financial activity into categories that are meaningful to them (e.g., Copying, Computer Maintenance, In-State Travel, etc.), as well as the ability to view fund balances on-line and enter anticipated revenues and expenditures.  When combined with on-line lists and reports, these tools should eliminate the need for duplicate entry and maintenance of stand-alone bookkeeping systems.

DART also includes commitments for UPS requisitions, encumbrances for outstanding UPS purchase orders, pending expenses for eBusiness charges, and salary encumbrances based upon PSB employment and distribution data.  Much of the data in DART is kept up to date as of the last online transaction in order to provide current balances.  This can be used to see budget to actual plus projections for fiscal year end.


Overview of the DART Application
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