Using GJIM to process Fund Transfers, Expense Transfers, etc.

The General Journal Interface Module (GJIM) is designed to allow users the ability to ‘make adjustments’ and other direct entries to the University’s General Ledger.  The scope of GJIM includes processing transfers of funds or expenditures, interdepartmental invoices, account changes, and journal entries.  GJIM is NOT used for processing of cash receipts, other accounts receivable entry, or transfer vouchers.

GJIM is an external front end to the University’s General Ledger.  Documents are uniquely identified by their type, the fiscal year in which they are to be effective, and a system generated number.  Other data that are retained include company cost center numbers, account numbers, the budgetary unit, and the departmental representative associated with the document (for tracking purposes), and the date the document is effective.  Short descriptive text noting the reason for and /or referencing related activity associated with a document is permitted.  These brief descriptions are passed to the General Ledger and appear on the monthly Departmental Budget Report (DBR).

Overview of GJIM (General Journal Interface Module)
How to Process an Expense Transfer or Category Change
How to Process a Funds Transfer
How to Process an Interdepartmental Invoice