How to Make Retroactive Payroll Cost Center Changes

The Labor Distribution (LABOR) application allows departments a way to correct mistakes in past payroll distributions to employees.  LABOR DOES NOT ALLOW CHANGES TO FUTURE PAYROLL DISTRIBUTIONS.  If you want to make changes to future distributions, you will do this via the PSB application, Distribution (DIST) command for appointed employees, and through the Hourly Time Sheet (Hrly-TS) application for hourly employees.

Labor Distribution (LABOR) provides departmental users with detailed payroll data associated with their payroll charges through lists.   LABOR uses the established TARGET routing for company cost centers to present retroactive payroll changes for on-line review.  LABOR data is oriented by employee and by pay record and is associated with cost centers, not budgetary units.  When you are working with departmental information, you will need to know cost centers and compensation types.

LABOR data is associated with specific pay dates.  All of this related information – cost centers, compensation types (via association with account numbers), and pay dates—is shown on the DBR (Departmental Budget Report) and is also readily available through the LABOR list commands.


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