Processing Leave Benefits for an Employee

The LEAVE application is designed to manage the input, correction , and tracking of employee usage of leave benefits including sick, annual vacation, holiday, catastrophic, and leave without pay.  The system accrues the vacation/sick leave earned each month for an employee, based upon his or her earned accrual rate.  Overtime for appointed employees and compensatory time for non-exempt employees are also handled within this system. 

Leave and/or overtime information is entered for each employee into a screen formatted like a calendar.  Absences are input by hours and reason code for a day.  Overtime and compensatory time are system-calculated for appointed non-exempt employees.  This same process is done for hourly employees in HRLY-TS.  Holidays are defaulted at the time of entry but can be moved (flexible holidays) since non-exempt employees can work on the holiday and take the holiday time off later.

The LEAVE application cannot be used for hourly appointed employees since their absences must be reported with the hours worked in HRLY-TS to properly calculate their pay.

Various lists and reports are available to show past usage history and current balances.


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