Using the Position, System, Budget (PSB) Application

he Position/System Budget (PSB) application allows the Human Resources Department to create positions as authorized by the State Legislature, and to allocate those positions to campus units.  Departments are then able to manage their positions through such things as:
  • distribution (funding source) changes
  • new-hires
  • appointment percentage changes
  • promotions, demotions, lateral moves
  • leave without pay
  • processing of graduate assistant tuition waivers 
  • Etc.

Each change processed creates a distinct "effective-dated" record which is kept for historical audit purposes.  With PSB, perusal of past changes, planned future activity and current status are as easy as bringing up data on a list function.


PSB Commands
How to Hire a New Appointed Employee
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How to Process a Promotion/Demotion
How to Process a Non-Classified Salary Change
How to Process a Leave Without Pay (Long Term)
How to Process an End Employment (Termination)
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How to Create a GA Tuition Waiver for Summer
How to Create GA Tuition Waivers for Fall and Spring
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